1980's Vendo V-264 Coke Machine

1980's Vendo V-264 Coke Machine

A nice working Vendo V-264 Coke machine. Gets nice and cold, and will vend your 6 soda choices or beer choices. All it needs is a new lock and it's ready to go. It's setup to vend either by coin or free. Original paint is under the coke wrap (can be pealed off) or left alone.

Height 66, Width 32, Depth 24.37, Weight 510 lb approx, 148 6.5 oz botttles, or 260 10 oz bottles, or  252 12 oz rim cans, or 264 12 oz rimless cans.

:: Serial Number: 5RF017846 ::

:: Location: Las Vegas, NV ::