1941 Vendo Jr. Model 123 Coca-Cola Spin Top Machine

1941 Vendo Jr. Model 123 Coca-Cola Spin Top Machine

Original Vendo Jr. coke machine. Very nice original condition with hard to find original cap catcher and side grills, get real cold when plugged in. All sides have embossed lettering including the coin unit "dog house". These machines were made in the 1930's-40's by Westinghouse for the Vendo company. The early Vendo's Jr's. were water and ice cooled and the later ones have the refer unit. According to Jeff Waters book of Classic Soda Machines, states the later refer models are more sought after, like this one. The inside of the cabinet has the emboss letters " W-UIR" showing the date code. The first letter stands for Westinghouse, The 2nd letter stands for the month of mfg, the 3rd-4th are the year. Date code words used was "RADIO TUBES", each letter stands for a number starting with 1 and ending with 0.....This Vendo Jr. was made by Westinghouse in the seventh month 41...( July 1941)

Serves 23 bottles, Precools 9 bottles, Depth 17", Width 28", Height 42 5/8". Comes in both Ice and Electric, this one is Electric.

:: Serial Number: 01514019 ::

:: Location: Las Vegas, NV ::