1982 Atari Xevious Upright Arcade Machine

1982 Atari Xevious Upright Arcade Machine

A super clean working machine. Xevious takes place on Earth. An invading alien race has set up shop, and it's up to the player to send 'em home. The game has a large number of different ground and air-based targets of either belligerent or non-belliegerent nature. In addition to the jumper-based difficulty levels, the game also adapts its difficulty to the player. If the player is successful against a type of attacker, an even deadlier type of attacker shows up to challenge the player.

:: Serial Number: UR04189 ::

:: Size LxWxH: 35 7/8” x 25 5/16” x 72” ::

:: More Information ::

:: Location: Las Vegas, NV ::