2006 Lupine Systems Pong JAMMA Board

2006 Lupine Systems Pong JAMMA Board

Lupine Systems, Ltd. A Part of the Blue Woof Group EE & PC Board Design Solutions for Hobbyist, Experimenters and Industry.

JAMMA Color Pong Game Board Kit. Only Difficulty = 2 Howls (Beginner Level). This board is professionally made and is fully etched, drilled with plated-thru holes, solder mask and screen printed legend layer. This board is based on the old General Instruments AY-3-8500-1 "home" game console chip. This is the same chip found in *almost* every pong- type home video game system made during the 1970's. Video produced by the AY-3-8500-1 chip is combined with character graphics produced by a TV On-Screen Display Controller (TVDC) chip and then routed through a series of logic mixers to generate a full-color PONG game! The AY-3-8500-1 chip's old-style rotary player controls are adapted to work in a standard dual-joystick JAMMA cabinet by using a PIC microcontroller and the latest in electronic digital potentiometer technology. Full featured, this board will operate as a stand-alone FREE PLAY game or as a coin-operated machine. And since it is based on the ORGINAL GENUINE VINTAGE AY-3-8500-1 chip, the game plays and sounds EXACTLY as the original PONG games from the 1970's! Video generated by the PONG board is dead-on NTSC baseband frequencies. Works EXCELLENT with RGB to NTSC Converter Boards! Perfect picture every time on widescreen game cabinets! RGB video is SCART compatable when used with a generic SCART adapter cable.

Game Over Screen, Credit Screen, Start Up Screen, Skill Select Screen, 1 Player Practice, Game 2 Player Game, Game Play, and Player inserts coins. Operator can set pricing as either each player pays 1 coin, or 1 coin can play either a 1 player game or 2 player game (FREE PLAY is also an option). Player then selects 1 or 2 player Start. Skill level is then selected using the Player 1 joystick. After the skill has been chosen, the game begins. Play goes until one of the two players reaches 15. After 15, the ball will continue to serve, and the paddles will move, but the paddles will not be able to hit the ball. If the players leave the joysticks alone for about 6 seconds, the game will go into the GAME OVER mode. Players can also cancel and reset game play by inserting a coin and pressing START at anytime. Doing so will start a new game. Operator can set the difficulty of the Expert mode by controlling the paddle size and rebound angles, both set by DIP Switch. Functioning cash meter output combines COIN 1 and COIN 2 slots to the same meter. 5W audio amp BLAIRS with the classic BEEP-BOOP-BEEP sounds so familiar to the arcades of the 70's! Test mode includes Switch Test, Paddle Test, Color Bars and Crosshatch for monitor adjustments. Features JAMMA Standard Board plugs into any DUAL JOYSTICK JAMMA cabinet FULL COLOR game play! Authentic 1970's Classic Appearance and Sound FREE PLAY or Coin-Operated One or Two Players can play! 1 Coin per Player or 1 Coin per Game Option Expert and Beginner Game Selection Adjustable Difficulty in Expert Game Mode Works on Upright or Cocktail Game Cabinets Requires +5v @ 1A, +12v @ 1A Ultra LOW Power! Drives Lupine Systems Color RGB LCD Display Modules Directly WOOFY

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