2007 Global VR America's Army Upright Arcade Machine

2007 Global VR America's Army Upright Arcade Machine

This is a work in progress and will be updated as we go, but so far it has a few boot issues.

An army combat simulation game where the players shoot their way through eight different game levels including Sniper Course, Shoot House, Shotgun Training, Mover Target, Pistol Range, Point Range, Grenade Course and Indoor Shooting Range.

Americas Army. Developed in actual conjunction with U.S. Army leaders, Global VR has brought to the market a very realistic and engaging war game centered on Army Recruit War Exercises,including a significant amount of authentic US Army training videos. Americas Army was designed from the start to recruit, captivate and retain new players, while rewarding experienced players at the same time.

:: Serial Number: GVRARM000105 ::

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:: Location: Las Vegas, NV ::

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