1979 Atari Asteroids Stand Up Arcade Game Restored

1979 Atari Asteroids Stand Up Arcade Game Restored

Excellent condition Asteroids Arcade Game (restored).

The Highest Quality restoration possible. Like new, but better.

The cabinet was fully sanded and painted with new side art, and vinyl.
New silkscreened control panel from Arcade Metal Parts.
All buttons, and switches are new.
All boards, and the monitor has been gone through, fixed and or replaced as needed.
The coin door has been restored complete and fully functioning.
Monitor bezel is new and so on.
Every nut, bolt and washer is new.
The list is endless, this is the highest quality restoration possible.

High Score Save Kit from Braze Technologies and Speed Up Board installed.

:: Serial Number: 40591 ::

:: Monitor: Wells Gardner 19V2000 ::

:: Size LxWxH: 41 1/8” x 25 1/4” x 72 1/8” ::

:: Weight: 262 lbs ::

:: More Information ::

:: Location: Las Vegas, NV ::