The Ultimate Arcade 3 Upright Machine with Extra Game Pack - New

The Ultimate Arcade 3 Upright Machine with Extra Game Pack - New

This is a new mint condition machine that has been in storage since day one. Never played. In a private collection. Specs below.

1942, 1943, 10-Yard-Fight, Alpine Ski, Anteater, Arkanoid, Arkanoid 2, Armored Car, Asteriods and Deluxe, Battle Chopper, Battle Road, Battlezone, Berzerk™, Bionic Commando, Black Widow™, Boogey Manor, Bubble Bobble®, Calipso™, Cameltry, Captain Commando, Centipede®, Chack ’n Pop ™, Cheyenne™, Clay Pigeon™, Combat, The Combatribes, Crack Shot™, Crime City™, Crossbow™, Crystal Castles™, Defender, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 3, Dragon Breed, Elevator Action®, Fax™, Final Blow™, Final Fight, Food Fight™, Frenzy™, Gallop™, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Golden Tee Golf ®, Golden Tee Golf 2®, Golden Tee Fore! - 28 courses, Gorf, Gravitar®, Great Swordsman®, Gun Smoke, Hammerin’ Harry, Hard Hat™, Hit ‘N Miss™, Joust, Jungle Hunt™, King of Dragons, Klax, Kung Fu Master™, Liberator™, Liquid Kids™, Lost Tomb™, Lunar Lander®, Lunar Rescue™, Magic Sword, Major Title™, Millipede®, Minefield™, Missile Command®, Moon Patrol™, Moon War™, Mouse Trap™, Nastar™, The New Zealand Story, Ninja Kids™, Ninja Spirit™, Pepper II™, Pirate Pete™, Plotting™, Plump Pop™, Puzzle Bobble®, Qix®, Rainbow Islands™, Rainbow Islands Extra™, Rampage, Rastan®, Red Baron™, Rescue™, Return Of The Invaders™, Robotron, Rootbeer Tapper, Satans Hollow, Section Z, Showdown™, Side Trak™, Space Duel™, Space Invaders® and DX®, Spectar™, Speed Coin™, Spy Hunter, Spy Hunter II, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II CE, Strider, Super Breakout®, Super Qix®, Targ™, Tazz Mania™, Tempest™, Toobin, Venture™, Warlords®, Water Ski™, Who Dunit™, Wizard of Wor, World Class Bowling™, X-Multiply™, Zippy Race™, Zoo Keeper™.

:: Serial Number: UA3-3100 ::

:: Location: Las Vegas, NV ::