Silver Strike X Stand Alone Arcade Machine

Silver Strike X Stand Alone Arcade Machine
Silver Strike X Stand Alone Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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I have a good working Silver Strike Bowling by Incredible Technologies. All the Same Features and Games as Silver Strike Live, Just Now in an Offline Version.

Complete game with stand and big screen monitor..

Retails for over $3500.00

This exciting game uses the same trackball and cabinet as Golden Tee, except instead of pulling out the driver and taking a swing, you are hitting the lanes and throwing strikes. This is the offline version of Silver Strike LIVE, but has all the same features and games that you have grown to love and enjoy. If you have always wanted to bring the game of bowling into the basement but don't have the space (or budget) for a real lane, this is your opportunity. It allows players of all ages and skill levels to compete, so it makes the perfect game for large family gatherings or get togethers. It's sure to bring years of fun and a provide a great place to make new memories.

Purchase Options Include

Console Game Cabinet Only
Option to Add Integrated TV Stand
Option to Add Lighted Marquis
Option to Add 43" HDTV Monitor

The Following Games are Included

Classic Bowling - 10 frames, multiple players, play for bragging rights and all-time best scores.
Spare Challenge - It's all about the second ball. See how many different kinds of spares you can pick up in this unique mini-game.

Flash Bowling - A fantastic mini-game that’s about timing and accuracy. As the bigger numbers flash, make sure you’re making contact with the pins! Don’t forget to knock them down.
Vegas Mode - Each strike or spare comes with a playing card! Not only can you play for the best score, but you can also play for the best hand!

Silver Strike X is the offline edition of the popular Silver Strike LIVE. Silver Strike X offers players all the fun of its online counterpart, and is the perfect game to introduce players who want all the fun but don’t care about lifetime stats or achievements.

Players can select all of the bowling features in Silver Strike LIVE without swiping a card. With each game players can choose from a variety of flashy bowling balls clothing options to enhance their game experience. And a new selectable game feature, Flash Bowling, adds to the variety and challenge.

Customizables - You control how your bowler looks, plays and the ball they use, so make some custom selections that work for you and get going.