Midway Double Play

This is in for a full new bottom base and back doors. The bottom 4 inches all the way around is water damaged and maybe termite eaten as well. Pretty bad. This is gonna require the 3 bottom edges cut off equal. Biscuit the edges for the...


CPS2 Boards

One Japan and one USA. Both non-working and one with case damage. Street Fighter II board non-working for now. All fixed and replaced batteries to last another 10 years.

Golden Axe II Board Set

To be determined if and or what is wrong.

NEO-GEO 1 2 and 6 Slot

These are in for repairs and mods. 1 slot, 4 slot and 6 slot boards.

Cinematronics Rip Off Upright

This one is gonna take some work. Found the missing sound board that needed repair with broken components on it, now fixed. Monitor has been rebuilt and nolonger blows the breaker. The cabinet is rough but repairable. Game still...

Robotron Restoration

An early matching numbers Robotron full size upright going through a full museum quality restoration. Metals powder coated satin and satin textured. Boards are going through (cleaning, reflowing solder, new ribbon...