1983 Midway Jr. Pac-Man Cocktail Arcade Machine

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1983 Midway Jr. Pac-Man Cocktail Arcade Machine
Price: $825.00
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 2296
Monitor: Wells Gardner 19K4906
Size D x W x H: 22 1/4" x 32 1/4" x 27 1/2"
Weight: 145 lbs
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This is a Super Pac-Man to Jr Pac-Man factory conversion kit. Working as it should in very good condition. Rebuilt monitor and all controls have been cleaned and adjusted.

One of many sequels to Pac-Man, this version's innovative features include side-scrolling mazes, a lack of exits and moving prizes that not only destroy energizers but also create large dots that slow the players' movements considerably.

Jr. Pac-Man must eat all the dots in a maze in order to advance to the next stage. He's chased by killer ghosts but he can eat them while powered up after eating one of six large dots. Bonus points are awarded for eating the fruits and snacks that appear and wander the maze.