1986 Midway Rampage Upright Arcade Machine

1986 Midway Rampage Upright Arcade Machine
1986 Midway Rampage Upright Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 2765
Monitor: Wells Gardner 19K7906
Size D x W x H: 36 1/2” x 29 1/2” x 72”
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A very nice all original 3 player game with 19in CRT. New power on/off switch. New power cord. New marquee florescent bulb and starter. Monitor has been fully rebuilt with new capacitors. New control panel overlay from Escape Pod.

The players move from city to city destroying skyscrapers and various vehicles and eating people that get in the way. Health is awarded at startup and during the game by putting quarters in. Health is decreased by being shot by National Guardsmen, being hit by another monster, falling, being hit by cops or tanks, going underwater, being struck by lightning, or by eating something bad, like dynamite. Health is replenished by eating food found in the buildings. Once all buildings in a city have been destroyed, the monsters move onto another city.